Trail Closures

Temporary forest area closures are the result of the work that goes into restoring the health and resiliency of Central Oregon’s forests.

About Trail Closures

These closures often overlap with popular recreation destinations and trails systems resulting in trail closures. The Forest Service works in close coordination with those implementing the work to ensure that trail (and road closures) are designed to keep the optimal amount of trail mileage and areas open for recreationists during this work.

Stay up-to-date on current restoration-related trail and road closures by visiting the Deschutes National Forest’s website.

Respect Trail Closures

Respecting closures keeps you safe.
Restoration work often utilizes heavy machinery. Operators have limited visibility from their equipment and may not see you when you enter into a closed area.
Machinery can also fling woody debris over 500 feet from the work site. For your safety and the safety of those working, please respect closures.

Find out about the latest trail closures.

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