Community Fire Safety

As the scale of wildfires keeps growing, being prepared for when fire is happening near and in our communities is very important. We can learn to “live with fire”, by being ready for when it happens here.

Things to Know about Fire Safety

In the forests surrounding our communities, we are using treatments like prescribed fire and others makes the forest healthier and helps keep communities safer.

In our communities, fire safety is also about protecting houses and buildings from wildfire. People can lower the risk of a building catching fire by improving its defensible space. We also need to think bigger and try to have all the buildings in our neighborhoods have defensible space. This helps firefighters do their job more safely, so we can’t wait until it’s too late.

It is important to know what you can do now to be prepared! Below are more details for those who want to learn more and take action.

Top Tips:

Fire Resistant Building

Fire Prevention & Preparedness Programs

Take Action

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