Creating Jobs in the Forest

Forest Restoration Jobs In The Deschutes National Forest

Supporting the Community

The Forest Product Industry members that carry out the restoration and wildfire mitigation work are an integral part of this region’s past, present, and future communities.

Along with this, all the restoration and wildfire risk mitigation work done by Federal (US Forest Service) and State (Oregon Department of Forest) management agencies create a wide array of highly trained professionals that assess and plan restoration projects to ensure the work protects and enhances our forests.

Jobs in Forest Restoration

Successful restoration treatments in our forest wouldn’t be possible without the collaboration of many skilled and dedicated professionals.

A wide array of highly trained professionals (archeologists, soil scientists, botanists, wildlife biologists, foresters, fire professionals, hydrologists, and recreation planners) help assess and plan restoration projects to ensure the work protects and enhances all the things we care about in the forest.

Crews then come in to mark individual trees to be left or cut. We then have road builders, loggers, machinery operators, truck drivers, and sawmill operators who all make a living by implementing forest restoration treatments.

And finally, when it is time for controlled burning, dozens of prescribed fire professionals come in to plan and safely implement this critical element of the forest restoration process.

Carefully planned forest restoration treatments like thinning, mowing, and prescribed burning make our community safer, our forests healthier and our water cleaner. We are working together to do what is best for our fire-adapted forests and for our forest-adapted community.

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In order to support the forest products industry that is so integral in these restoration efforts make sure to purchase locally sourced wood products to support our local industry partners!

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