Mowing to occur near Deschutes River recreation areas

Recreationists should keep their distance from mowing equipment for their safety

Posted May 26, 2021:  Heavy equipment will be mowing national forest lands located west of Bend and south of Century Drive now and into much of the summer unless fire safety concerns arise.

The project will mow approximately 740 acres of land located east of Forest Service Road 41 from behind the Inn of the Seventh Mountain property and continuing along areas adjacent to the Deschutes River.

Recreationists in the area should be aware that mowing at times may cause debris to fly from the equipment. If recreationists see the mowing equipment operating, they should keep their distance to avoid any possible injury and to allow the equipment to continue to mow.

The work is being done to reduce the potential for ground fuels to spread fire into the tree canopy should a wildfire occur in the area. Reducing fire going into the tree canopy will assist fire fighters in containing the fire and may reduce fire intensity, allowing the forest to recover more quickly.

The West Bend Project

Over the past couple of years, close to 1965 acres of prescribed burning has been completed in the West Bend Project area. The West Bend Project is designed to restore forest health while reducing the risk of high severity wildfire to our local community.

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