How does the DCFP work?

How we work

  1. We identify high-priority forest areas that are most in need of restoration and represent the greatest risks to property, business and ecological values.
  2. We sit around a table and identify solutions that work for all parties, reflecting the full spectrum of views in our communities. This heads off potential delays due to lack agreement, or from appeals and litigation.
  3. We get out into the forest on field trips, project tours, and monitoring reviews to see, share, learn, and discuss restoration work on the ground.
  4. We work with the Deschutes National Forest to carefully plan how the restoration work will unfold, integrating feedback from various community interests to minimize disruption to the public, picking the best time windows for controlled burns to comply with smoke rules and minimize smoky days, and considering wildlife needs.
  5. Then we rely on partners from the Deschutes National Forest, local forestry professionals and skilled loggers who have the equipment and knowledge to do the actual restoration work.
  6. We help monitor this work—thinning, mowing, controlled burns, stream channel restoration, floodplain reconnection, culvert removal, etc.—to assure it’s done based on the best science, addresses the collaborative vision agreed upon at the outset, and meets the outcomes we wanted.
  7. And we are getting citizens from every quarter behind these efforts, so we can build the support necessary to bring much-needed restoration to more corners of the Deschutes National Forest.

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