Good Dog Area Trail Closure Update

Good Dog Area Trail Closure Update

***** UPDATED 04/15/16 *****

Good news! As of Friday, April 15th restoration work has been completed in the “Good Dog” area off of Century Drive. The area has been reopened for weekday use but please be aware that mowing/thinning equipment, including log piles, may still remain in the area. Log piles, though a very appealing Instagram backdrop, are unstable and a falling log could kill you or your pet.

***** ORIGINAL POST 01/07/16 *****

Beginning January 8th, the Deschutes National Forest will implement an area closure in a portion of the forest, off of Cascade Lakes Highway, commonly known as “Good Dog.”  The closure is being done to protect public safety as contractors do thinning and mowing operations on 131 acres of the Yen Stewardship project.

Because operators will be using large equipment to do their work, which may limited their ability to see people in the area, the closure is being done to protect the public and the operators.  The closure, predicted to last two months, will be in effect weekly, from 4:00 a.m. Mondays through 5:00 p.m. Fridays until the project is completed.  The area will be open to the public on weekends.

Trails Will Remain Open on Weekends and Holidays

The closure includes roads 4600-111, 102, 103, 107, 109, 111, 112, 115, 118 and a portion of road 106. See the map below for the location and extent of the closure area.


This work is part of a 2, 972 acre stewardship project known as “Yen.” This project is one portion of the 26,000 acre “West Bend Vegetation Project” within the Deschutes National Forest slated for restoration work being completed in conjunction with the Deschutes Collaborative Forest Project. The West Bend Project is designed to restore forest ecosystems, creating a diversity of plant and wildlife habitat, reduce the risk to our community from high severity wildfire, and provide economic and social benefit to our local community.

For more information about the closure, please contact Chelsea Muise, Acting Recreation Staff for the Bend-Ft. Rock Ranger District, at 541-383-4708 or e-mail to

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