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Infographic: Wildlife Habitat Restoration

The plants and animals who live in our dry ponderosa pine forests are also adapted to fire and benefit from forest restoration. Wildlife habitat restoration in the Deschutes Forest includes [...]
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DCFP Rack Card

For a quick reference guide to print at home, email to friends, or share with neighbors, download our forest restoration Rack Card, which includes a brief introduction to the Deschutes [...]
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all hands all lands video deschutes forest

All Hands, All Lands Video

Our low elevation Central Oregon dry forests need fire for health and resilience into the future. Our friends and neighbors need the security of knowing their home, neighborhood and community [...]
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OPB Visits Prescribed Burn Near Sisters

We Spend Millions To Prevent Wildfires On Projects We Know Aren’t Effective “Each year, foresters here thin out trees, clear brush and light fires like this to burn off fuels [...]
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Dr. Hessburg’s Era of Megafires

Why wildfires have gotten worse – and what we can do about it. Megafires, individual fires that burn more than 100,000 acres, are on the rise in the western United [...]
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Supper Club Discussion: Prescribed Fire

As prescribed burning season begins in Central Oregon, Central Oregon Daily’s Supper Club, Lisa Carton sat down with three fire experts to talk about why these burns are so important [...]
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What Prescribed Fire Season Means in OR

It’s officially prescribed fire season in many parts of Oregon. Here is a bit of background and a run down of some of the advantages and disadvantages. Erik Fernandez with [...]
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City Club of Bend March 2018 Forum

How does a team with contrasting perspectives successfully work together to create healthier forests? Can a team like this be a role model for other communities in the West hoping [...]
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Restoring Our Fire-Adapted Forest

You may have noticed some changes taking place in our forests close to home. Paint on trees, thinning, mowing, and prescribed burning are all visible signs of carefully planned and [...]
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