Our Forest

Our Backyard, Our Responsibility


Our forests are our wealth.

They are the source of endless scenic beauty, wildlife habitat, recreation areas, and forest products, and they provide us with clean drinking water, jobs, and a high quality of life. Our forests define Central Oregon.

Our forests are in trouble.

After a century of widespread logging, grazing, and fire exclusion, our forests are overly dense and out of balance – and they will not get better on their own. If no action is taken, the health and long-term sustainability of this unique treasure will remain in jeopardy. 

The solution is restoration.

Restoring the forest means actively taking steps to make the forests resilient again to natural and human-caused changes such as wildfire, insects, and climate change. Such stewardship of our forests helps ensure they will continue to flourish long into the future, providing the suite of amenities Central Oregonians love.

The Restoration Planning Sub Committee is a diverse group of people working together to bring new ideas and new solutions forward to help federal land managers. Together, we are building a shared vision for the restoration of our forests. The goal of the subcommittee is to develop collaborative restoration recommendations on how to make our forests healthy and resilient once again.

To learn more about the dry, fire-adapted forests in the DCFP landscape and the work of the Restoration Planning Sub Committee, please contact us.

Pete Caligiuri, The Nature Conservancy  541-388-3020 x 304

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