Our Collaborative

Our Champions, Our Accomplishments


From conflict to collaboration.

Our forests are treasured for the wide range of benefits they provide. In the past, competing visions on how best to manage our forests produced conflict and stalemate, and slowed important forest restoration work on the ground. The Deschutes Collaborative Forest Project (DCFP) is breaking through historic gridlock to forge new agreements and create a shared vision for stewardship that will sustain our forests into the future.

Working together for the forest.

Collaboration works because committed people dedicate time and energy to learning together, creatively seeking mutual benefits, and tracking results to make improvements. Collaboration brings together diverse interests to work as one to leave a healthy and restored forest for future generations. From timber industry interests to conservation values to recreation goals to community wildfire safety concerns, the DCFP is using a collaborative approach to craft grassroots, win-win solutions that incorporate a wide range of community values.


Since 2009, the Collaborative has been hard at work. Some of our major accomplishments on this landscape include:

  • Ten-year, $10 million award for implementation, monitoring and restoration work.
  • Worked with the Deschutes National Forest to implement over 10,000 acres of treatments.
  • Offered restoration recommendations for 42,000 acres in historically controversial forest types (West Bend and Popper planning areas).
  • Developed recommendations to integrate considerations for recreation such as visual impacts, in forest restoration work.
  • Conducted four stakeholder field trips to evaluate methods and results of forest restoration treatments.
  • Developed and implemented a socio-economic monitoring plan.

Contact us for more information or a presentation to your group:

Phil Chang, Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council  541-548-9534

Pete Caligiuri, The Nature Conservancy  541-388-3020 x 304

Alan Unger, Deschutes County Board of Commissioners  541-388-6570

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