Our Work

Our Work

Restoring Our Forests

The DCFP is dedicated to restoring our forests, making them more resilient to fire, insects and disease, and even climate change. At the same time, we are creating better wildlife habitat, space for trees to grow and thrive, and safer and healthier communities.

A Forest that Needs Fire

Fire were historically a healthy and regular occurrence in Central Oregon forests. Our trees, plants and wildlife are all adapted to forests that received regular fire. A century of fire suppression has resulted in overly dense forests, and thus very hot and devastating fires.

The West Bend Project

Some of the most beloved places in the Deschutes National Forest are restoration priorities. Our goals for the West Bend Project: restore forest ecosystems, reduce the potential of high-severity wildfire, and provide socioeconomic benefits to local communities.

2015-CFLRP-Overview-MapRestoring Balance in our Forests

Since 2010, we’ve been working as partners alongside the Deschutes National Forest on a $10.1 million effort to restore 250,000+ acres of forest in Deschutes County, focusing on the unhealthiest places that are putting our forests and communities at risk, including the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) areas west of Bend, Sisters, Tumalo and Sunriver.

Before and after restoration efforts at the SAFR project outside Sisters.

Recent News

  • Trail Closure Updates for Phils Trail area

    Restoration Work in West Bend near Phil's Trail Area Popular mountain biking trails will now be open during the week You may have noticed some activity in the forests west of Bend. Restoration work (thinning, mowing, and prescribed burning) near…

  • Deschutes Forest Winter Activity

    Deschutes Forest Winter Restoration Activity Forest restoration activity has been a bit quiet this winter but with snow beginning to melt and roads clearing, crews will be returning to their restoration work in the Deschutes National Forest soon! Be on…

  • My Deschutes Forest

    My Deschutes Forest Contributed by long time Bend resident, avid mountain biker and previous owner of Cog Wild, Melanie Fisher. A few years ago, I was invited to a meeting on Storm King Trail to discuss the West Bend thinning project.…

  • What is with all the paint on trees?

    What is with all the paint on trees? You have probably noticed something new in the forests west of Bend on your dog walks and bike rides this Fall; a lot more paint on trees. This is all part of…

  • Bend Bulletin sheds light on West Bend Project

    Bend Bulletin sheds light on West Bend Project Our thanks to The Bulletin for their coverage of our ongoing work at the West Bend Project. The West Bend Project is one of 10 primary forest restoration project areas on national…

  • Watershed Restoration within the Deschutes National Forest

    Watershed Restoration within the Deschutes National Forest Contributed by Bill Anthony with Upper Deschutes Watershed Council and Darek Staab with Trout Unlimited You may have heard the saying “you can’t see the forest for the trees”. A similar saying might be “you…