Deschutes Collaborative Members

Deschutes Collaborative Members

dcfp-group-bachelorThe Deschutes Collaborative is working to put stalemates, mistrust, and past conflict behind us—and pick up the quality, pace and scale of forest restoration projects. Our diverse membership brings the full range of community values and interests to the table. Together we promote outcomes such as job creation in the recreation and timber sectors, healthier forests, cleaner water, and safer communities.

Steering Committee

The Deschutes Collaborative Forest Project is guided by a 19-member Steering Committee made up of diverse interested stakeholders. The Steering Committee does not make decisions about the management of forestlands within the 250,000+ acre DCFP landscape, but strives to develop consensus recommendations that are then forwarded to the Deschutes National Forest with the full support of the Collaborative.

The Deschutes National Forest has made a commitment to integrate collaborative recommendations into management activities. The Steering Committee oversees the Deschutes Collaborative Forest Project and its restoration strategy and helps to prioritize and endorse restoration activities. The Steering Committee is the formal channel for the Collaborative to provide input to the US Forest Service on management decisions within the DCF Landscape including, but not limited to, CFLR fund allocation and restoration approaches.

Current Steering Committee membership:

Forest Products Industry (1-2)
Dylan Fritz, Interfor
John Williams, Quicksilver Contracting
Environmental (1-2)
Marilyn Miller, Miller Conservation Consulting
David Stowe, Sierra Club
Community Wildfire Protection (1-2)
Ed Keith, Project Wildfire
Bob Madden, Bend Fire Department
Tribal (1)
Watershed / Water Resources (1-2)
Rod Bonacker, Deschutes Land Trust
Bill Anthony, Upper Deschutes Watershed Council
Local Government (1-2)
Phil Henderson, Deschutes County
Sally Russell, Bend City Council
State & Federal Agency (1-2)
Bridget Moran, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Gordon Foster Jr., Oregon Dept. of Forestry
Recreation / Tourism (1-2)
Melanie Fisher, Central Oregon Trail Alliance
Private Landowners (1-2)
Chris Johnson, Whitefish Cascade Forest Resources
Researcher (1)
Ron Reuter, OSU Cascades
At Large (0-2)
Glen Ardt, Citizen (Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife, retired)
Loren Kellogg, OSU College of Forestry