How does the DCFP work?

How we work We identify high-priority forest areas that are most in need of restoration and represent the greatest risks to property, business and ecological values. We sit around a table and identify solutions that work for all parties, reflecting the full spectrum of views in our communities. This heads off potential delays due to…
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Living with Wildfire

Wildfire is a certainty. We're finding solutions to allow us to live with it better. Some of us love the Deschutes National Forest because its majesty inspires us...others because it provides us clean air and water...serves as critical wildlife habitat...creates living-wage jobs in recreation and forest products a key draw for visitors. What we…
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Why restoration can’t wait

Within the Deschutes National Forest we now have approximately 450,000 acres of unnatural, unhealthy forest in need of active restoration. We’re all familiar with these conditions: overgrown, shrubby understories…overly dense forests that are chock-full of small trees, many of them species that are not tolerant of fire….creating a landscape primed for the mega-fires we’re seeing today. The consequences?…
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