Advocates for Forest Restoration

Here's what some of our Deschutes Collaborative Forest Project Steering Committee members have to say about why they invest so much time in this project:

Put simply, our forests have gotten out of whack due to factors like changing climate conditions and past forest management practices. Active forest restoration is of utmost importance to all Central Oregonians, for all the reasons we live here—clean air and water, recreation, scenic enjoyment, abundant wildlife, and jobs in forest products businesses.

Loren Kellog, Professor Emeritus, Oregon State University

The forest has supported our communities over the last 100 years. Every community had citizens who worked in the forest, we had multiple mills to manufacture products from its trees. Now our forest supports recreation and hunting activities as a key part of our economy. We all fundamentally want our forest to be in a healthy condition, so it stays a place where we, our visitors and our wildlife can live, work and play.

Alan Unger , Deschutes County Commissioner